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Full MEP Engineering Design

A Comprehensive Approach


Education Government Industrial High-tech commercial Transportation facilities Private Sector Development and Investors our services consist of but are not limited to the design of:


Medium and Low voltage distribution


Switchgears Motors and Motor Control Centers

Intercom and Paging, Telephone and Data Systems

Dimming Systems & Controls Security Lighting

Architectural Lighting

Central Power Distribution

Prime/stand by power generation

Paralleling system design

Lighting Studies & Calculations

Facility and building preliminary Electrical load calculations.


Mechanical design is a vital system in today building infrastructure, we provide full consulting, design, construction documents, and Contract document administration services in the fields of:

Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) function provided by our firm.

Attention is given to the indoor air quality, as well as the sustainability of the systems being designed.

Our services consist of but are not limited to the design of


Air Conditioning Load Calculations

Energy Calculations

Chiller Plant


Energy Conservation

Air-Cooled Chiller Plant Design

Water-Cooled Chiller Plant Design

Cooling Towers Cost

Constant Air Volume Systems Design

Variable Air Volume Systems Design

Smoke Control Systems Design

Computer Room Systems Design Dry Agents purge system Humidity Control

Energy Management and Building Automation Systems


Conceptual Life Safety System Design

We can provide a full range of Fire Protection (F.P.) Design some of the systems we can implement are Wet Fire Sprinkler Systems, Dry-type F.P. for computer/security rooms, Data Centers, standpipes Wet/Dry.

Raised floor fire protection, Dry Agents such as,


Fenwal FM-200

Deluge Fire Protection System

Dry type Fire Protection

Hydraulic Calculations

Fire Pump System Selection 


designONE Inc. can provide designed and detailed information as well as detailed construction documents and specifications for various special systems, these engineering systems are:

  • Security, this vital integration and constantly changing and evolving environment require solutions that meet the facility’s demands; the designed system must provide flexibility for integrations, and upgradeable to newer and updated systems, as an option we arrange a team of professionals in the industry currently providing integration for airports, seaports, rail, pipeline, surface transportation, healthcare, education, and government facilities.

Understanding the advancement in this field we know facilities and owners/operators already have their provider whom they trust, we can provide assistance in other area and together develop the requirements and design approach, set power lighting calculations.

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